01 Aug 2018

Sparks from a Cruel Grindstone

They come from the smoky depths of Hell’s pit. Remnants of the shattered Pious Legion, these hateful castoffs of Earth’s Roman Empire seek to conquer. Armed with maddening gas, Maximinus Thrax’s airships swarm the skies like vengeful locusts, reducing entire populations to ash. For Boudica, the forgotten Queen of the Iceni, it is a familiar fate. Having failed against Nero on Earth, her civilization was wiped from history due to her backfired efforts of liberation. As Thrax’s assault eliminates the peaceful enclaves of New Dis, what can the failed warrior queen do to protect her city, the innocent peoples within, Read More

11 Jun 2018

Book Signing: Historic Manassas VA

I will be signing books at Prospero’s Bookstore out front on June 16th! Come down to Manassas and enjoy the Jazz Festival, a walking tour of the historic district, or simply run your fingers along the spines of thousands of rare books.

30 May 2018

Genesis of a Book Cover: Christopher Michael Jackson

Despite what teachers (myself included) like to tell students, we can in fact judge a book by its cover. Let’s be honest here. If Sarah Palin is on the cover giving Glenn Beck a high-five, I will judge the book aplenty. I knew out of the gate that the cover would be everything, and unlike some self-publishing writers with actual talent, I couldn’t draw or photograph to save my life. This is where a one Christopher Michael Jackson came into play. See Figure A below. Figure A Christopher had everything I needed. He had the following qualifications to be my Read More

02 Nov 2017

The Feminine Influence of Wolfenstein 2

****WARNING SPOILERS OF WOLFENSTEIN 2: THE NEW COLOSSUS ARE BELOW****   Back in 1992, B.J. Blazkowicz was nothing more to me than a square-jawed, shifty-eyed face at the bottom of my computer screen. He was a perfect specimen of manliness, crushing his enemies tirelessly despite physical damage or overwhelming odds. For a scrawny twelve-year-old boy, there was no greater fantasy than gunning down waves of Nazis, robots, and Nazi robots. Fast forward to modern gaming where we suffer things like Gamer Gate and the current misogynistic climate. One would think that a sharp-jawed, white-protagonist warrior would be an easy sell Read More