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William Galaini grew up in Pennsylvania and Florida. His mother gave him an early love of reading, especially when it came to the great classics of science fiction. He is also a history buff and fascinated by mythology and folklore. His various vocational pursuits include being a singer in a professional high school choir, manager of the call center at a luxury resort, U.S. Army medic, prison guard, and middle school English teacher. As such, he is perfectly suited to breech a solid metal door, humanely restrain the enemy within, and politely correct their grammar all while humming Handel’s Messiah and drinking a lovely cuppa tea.

He currently hangs his hat, rucksack, and tweed smoking jacket in Northern Virginia.


  1. Timo Johnson

    When did you have Carl Tagg for your history teacher? What year is perhaps a better way to ask?
    He was my history teacher in Junior High!

    1. William Galaini

      I had him back in… tenth grade at School of the Arts, I think. American History. LOVED it. I think that was 1995!

  2. Someone

    I remember you from last year in middle school, I didn’t have you but I did have Ms. Reaves. I rarely saw you but you seemed very nice and I plan on reading your books Mr. Galaini!

    P.S I Saw a teacher reading one of your books so I decided to find out the title and stuff and well here I am!


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