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19 Oct 2015

Hybrid Vigor in Genre Fiction (or “You Got Fantasy in My Western!”)

Guest post by Tex Thompson You know, I WAS feeling pretty good about this post. “Man, I’m going to write about genre mash-ups and what spec-fic and Westerns have in common and why they’re so awesome when you put them together and how it’s really all about Beowulf, and everybody’s going to be all like, ‘Oh my God Tex, you’re so cool and rad—please teach me to be like you,’ and I’m finally going to be Internet-famous—WHO WANTS TO TOUCH ME?” Then I realized that that had already been done. Like…twenty years ago. By Pixar. I mean, think about it. Read More

21 Dec 2014

Writings of a Writer

Greetings ladies, gentlemen, and those of us somewhere in between. I… am a writer. *waits for applause* *realizes applause ain’t gonna happen* *swallows sadness and moves on* My lovely and talented PR agent, one Ms. Ally Bishop, has instructed me to “blog.” I have never “blogged” before, and I am concerned regarding the nature of this new verb. This posting will be my first “blog,” and through this “venue,” I will discuss my mistakes and errors in regards to being not only a writer, but a self-published one at that. I also promise to stop using “quotations” because that appears Read More

03 Nov 2014

Want More?

This is my first blog, so give me a little time to get up to speed. Then…awesomeness shall ensue. (I hope.)