Trampling in the Land of WoeTrampling in the Land of Woe

As World War I rages on Earth, Hephaestion, lauded general and soul mate of Alexander the Great—and now a citizen of Purgatory—embarks on the darkest, most challenging journey of his existence: descending into The Pit of Hell to rescue his king. Chased by Hellbeasts, hunted by Jesuits, and aided by unexpected allies, Hephaestion tests the bounds of loyalty, dedication, and even death as he faces the greatest demon of all: himself. A blend of steampunk and Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy, Trampling in the Land of Woe drives through the cobblestoned streets of New Dis, soars above The Pit in airships, and then stumbles down into the terror-ridden rings themselves. Steam-powered trains, zeppelins, and ornithopters zoom by in a mash-up of literary proportions, all to answer one question: What will one man do to understand the meaning of love and truth?


The Line concept 1The Line

Historical research has reached a new plateau: we can now observe human history as though it were occurring presently. With this new technology, a small team of scientists are assembled and isolated within the folds between timelines. Each member of the team has a specific role with distinct talents and together they plan the greatest endeavor the human race has embarked upon. Their mission: observe and verify human history first hand.

The team’s investigation, however, yields radical and horrifying results, and they discover that they are not alone. Another time-traveler, one of ghostly presence and elegant brutality, is enacting its own code of justice on past atrocities. The haunting figure decimates a West African rebel camp in the 90’s. Emmett Till’s murderers are crushed under the temporal interloper’s heel in 1955. Leo Frank’s assailants are incinerated in the early morning hours of his lynching in the Georgia woods of 1915.

The timeline is a chaotic mess, and the team sets out to correct it in a desperate effort toward damage control. Their present and their future are at stake. While tracking the volatile time traveler, they quickly realize that they have gained its attention and soon it becomes a game of cat and mouse through history, leading them to the most horrible conclusion…

91H9xdJ70AL._SL1500_Withered Zion

“You know that among the Gentiles those whom they recognize as their rulers lord it over them, and their great ones are tyrants over them.”

What if America was a Christian Theocracy? In the second novel by author William Galaini, the United States of Christendom stands tall as a beacon of religious authority in the modern world. For the people within its boarders, life can be brutal, judgmental, and hopeful.

The public suicide of a distinguished politician sends shockwaves through the nation, and a coverup must be orchestrated. Soon, the devout and irreverent, the proud and humble find themselves together under the watchful eyes of the Civil Seraphim.


What is this story? Why does it feel so masculine and smell of bacon!? BECAUSE IT IS MANCEPS. TWICE AS MANLY AS SHARK WRESTLING OR PUNCHING A MOUNTAIN IN THE FACE!






91XhW2BOZfL._SL1500_Mancepts 2

WHAT!? The first Manceps wasn’t manly enough that you needed more!? TRY THIS! Manceps 2: Man Harder is more manly than lighting a duct tape cigar from between your teeth with a volcano!






81L6TOSst1L._SL1500_Tender Loving Lies

Do mothers across all conflicts have the same priority?







718MIWhwyUL._SL1092_The Usefulness of a Three-Legged Dog

What do we do when our bodies give out long before our hearts do?

All proceeds from this short story go to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.







  1. Cindy Zimmerman (aka. Yvonne Schuchart)

    Hey William, We met at the York Book Expo, York, Pa. I bought “Withered Zion” that day. I confess, I chose it because it was a small book, so I figured it wouldn’t take me long to read and see what I thought of the author.

    Man, this is great writing! I am not exaggerating, making some attempt to feed your ego for some reason.

    You characters are multi-layered, the setting is well-developed without being, well, just too wordy. I love the concept, the depth you take it too. And it leaves me wanting to read more!

    Best of all, the guy I think I’m going to hate becomes my hero and favorite character of all–Gabriel Wall. I’d give this 5 stars.

    I’ll be searching the internet for more of your books.

  2. Quinton M Johansen

    I bought “Trampling in the Land of Woe” because I have always loved Hephaestion, soul mate of Alexander the Great. What an amazing story you crafted! You brought Dante’s Inferno alive and layered in steam punk and a beautiful story of love and loyalties. Thank you for giving me a vision of Hephaestion that I believe is in keeping with who he might well have been.


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