15 Jun 2015


Current status Money raised: $1,670 of $5,500 Number of supporters: 19 Nervous breakdowns: 5 Stress calories eaten: 8,193 Days remaining: 32 Previous week’s stats here. Trampling in the Land of Woe’s Pubslush page. Well, I knew that with crowdfunding that you come out of the gate strong if you played your cards correctly, and it seems we did, somewhat. I’ve heard of the dreaded doldrums that usually hit mid fundraiser, though I’m already seeing the slow-down. Ally Bishop tells me not to worry, but she might as well tell a porcupine to not be so spiny or a monkey not to throw Read More

08 Jun 2015

Adventures in (Novel) Crowdfunding, Week One

Current status Money raised: $1,255 of $5,500 Number of supporters: 12 Nervous breakdowns: 3 Stress calories eaten: 6,410 Days remaining: 39 At around 12:01p.m., June 1st, my Pubslush began for my new novel Trampling in the Land of Woe. Each Sunday, I will post on my website (newly revamped! Oooooooo!) detailing the experience. I do this for two reasons 1.) Ally Bishop, my publicist/cheerleader told me to and 2.) I want to give some guidance for anyone else who wishes to crowdfund their literary endeavors. I’ve made a Q&A below to clarify some of the process leading up to this Read More

03 May 2015

Why Are Independent Authors Using Stolen Art?

I’m fairly new to the world of self-publishing, and one of the first things I noticed was the startling amount of stolen art that is occurring without our writing community. Now, I’m not talking about copying story ideas or plagiarizing, but something much more insidious and damaging. This type of theft can be so blatant at times that it risks substantial harm to the thieves themselves. Case-in-point:   The above is promotional material presumably for a romance novel. Here is where the author snagged it: Did the author know this is copyrighted material? Was the hired artist a professional? Had they Read More

20 Apr 2015

Man Reading Romance, Vol. I

When I heard my publicist had published a contemporary romance novel, Inside the Lines, I had a multitude of reasons to read it. First off, she’s been revising and refining so many other people’s work, I wanted to see what she herself produced. Secondly, she writes in a genre I am largely unfamiliar with, so I saw it as a chance to grow outside of my comfort zone. Last but not least, Ally suffers reading my shit, so turnabout is fair play. So, here goes… WILLIAM GALAINI READS ROMANCE! I hope the huge, echoey voice wasn’t overkill. Anyhow, my closest foray into romance would Read More

22 Mar 2015

Judge a Book by Its Cover: Part 3

As independent authors, we face the following challenges in regard to our covers: Shackled by budget Desperate for distinction Questionable art quality But some of us have managed to produce serviceable, if not excellent, book covers, despite those confines. We can still produce eye-catching book covers despite being “indie.” Here are some examples: 1.) Public domain photographs go a long way. All right, so the title font is low resolution, and the font selected for the author’s name needs to have an intervention with other, more sober fonts. You’re right on both those accounts. However, consider that the cover has an Read More