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09 Nov 2015

What is a Male Feminist?

When, as a man, can I be simultaneously considered a feminist and able to call myself one? Do I decide if I’ve crossed this threshold on my own? Could I be a feminist without applying the word openly toward myself? Do I need the permission of a woman to give myself the title? Must it be a specific woman, since so many women don’t identify as feminists themselves? Questions abound. To begin with, a caveat; I’m a guy. I say “guy” because I often smell bad (“manfunk” is my wife’s term), and I get excited by childish things like video games, toys, and explosions Read More

29 Jun 2015

Adventures in (Novel) Crowdfunding, Week One

Current status Money raised: $1,255 of $5,500 Number of supporters: 12 Nervous breakdowns: 3 Stress calories eaten: 6,410 Days remaining: 39 At around 12:01p.m., June 1st, my Pubslush began for my new novel Trampling in the Land of Woe. Each Sunday, I will post on my website (newly revamped! Oooooooo!) detailing the experience. I do this for two reasons 1.) Ally Bishop, my publicist/cheerleader told me to and 2.) I want to give some guidance for anyone else who wishes to crowdfund their literary endeavors. I’ve made a Q&A below to clarify some of the process leading up to this Read More

21 Dec 2014

Writings of a Writer

Greetings ladies, gentlemen, and those of us somewhere in between. I… am a writer. *waits for applause* *realizes applause ain’t gonna happen* *swallows sadness and moves on* My lovely and talented PR agent, one Ms. Ally Bishop, has instructed me to “blog.” I have never “blogged” before, and I am concerned regarding the nature of this new verb. This posting will be my first “blog,” and through this “venue,” I will discuss my mistakes and errors in regards to being not only a writer, but a self-published one at that. I also promise to stop using “quotations” because that appears Read More