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13 Aug 2017

A case for subverted characterization

  There are five predominant means to express characterization: How a character physically appears What a character says What a character does How other characters react to them What a character thinks Now, while nailing down all five of these methods can, and often will, present a character in perfect clarity I’d hardly call it engaging writing. We don’t want to know everything about a character, right? We want some discussion and perhaps even argument. Leaning on three or perhaps even two of the above characterization methods can force the audience into action, filling in the spaces the author leaves Read More

19 Oct 2015

Hybrid Vigor in Genre Fiction (or “You Got Fantasy in My Western!”)

Guest post by Tex Thompson You know, I WAS feeling pretty good about this post. “Man, I’m going to write about genre mash-ups and what spec-fic and Westerns have in common and why they’re so awesome when you put them together and how it’s really all about Beowulf, and everybody’s going to be all like, ‘Oh my God Tex, you’re so cool and rad—please teach me to be like you,’ and I’m finally going to be Internet-famous—WHO WANTS TO TOUCH ME?” Then I realized that that had already been done. Like…twenty years ago. By Pixar. I mean, think about it. Read More

13 Jul 2015


Current status Money raised: $3,430 of $5,500 Number of supporters: 26 Nervous breakdowns: 42 Number of best sellers released by Steven King since last update: 7 Days remaining: 4 Previous week’s stats here. Trampling in the Land of Woe’s Pubslush page. Sequels? Since we haven’t come to the conclusion of the funding campaign just yet, I’d like to hold off on any reflection as of yet. Granted, we only have four days left but you never know… But let’s talk about sequels. I remember vividly telling my publicist, Ally, that I was “above” sequels, and since I was a true “artist,” I would never Read More

06 Jul 2015

Adventures in (Novel) Crowdfunding Week Five

Current status Money raised: $3,330 of $5,500 Number of supporters: 24 Nervous breakdowns: Z = Z² + C Number of Rational Conversations with Red Sox Fans: 0 Days remaining: 11 Previous week’s stats here. Trampling in the Land of Woe’s Pubslush page. Let’s talk about the value of a single donation. It’s pretty clear that a small-time (currently!) writer like me isn’t going to have a built-in audience for a new novel. This isn’t a complaint, but simply an understood reality. When I, personally, check out crowdfunding pages, I wisely put money only on people I either know OF or rely upon to deliver. Read More

29 Jun 2015

Adventures in (Novel) Crowdfunding, Week One

Current status Money raised: $1,255 of $5,500 Number of supporters: 12 Nervous breakdowns: 3 Stress calories eaten: 6,410 Days remaining: 39 At around 12:01p.m., June 1st, my Pubslush began for my new novel Trampling in the Land of Woe. Each Sunday, I will post on my website (newly revamped! Oooooooo!) detailing the experience. I do this for two reasons 1.) Ally Bishop, my publicist/cheerleader told me to and 2.) I want to give some guidance for anyone else who wishes to crowdfund their literary endeavors. I’ve made a Q&A below to clarify some of the process leading up to this Read More