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13 Jul 2015


Current status Money raised: $3,430 of $5,500 Number of supporters: 26 Nervous breakdowns: 42 Number of best sellers released by Steven King since last update: 7 Days remaining: 4 Previous week’s stats here. Trampling in the Land of Woe’s Pubslush page. Sequels? Since we haven’t come to the conclusion of the funding campaign just yet, I’d like to hold off on any reflection as of yet. Granted, we only have four days left but you never know… But let’s talk about sequels. I remember vividly telling my publicist, Ally, that I was “above” sequels, and since I was a true “artist,” I would never Read More

20 Apr 2015

Man Reading Romance, Vol. I

When I heard my publicist had published a contemporary romance novel, Inside the Lines, I had a multitude of reasons to read it. First off, she’s been revising and refining so many other people’s work, I wanted to see what she herself produced. Secondly, she writes in a genre I am largely unfamiliar with, so I saw it as a chance to grow outside of my comfort zone. Last but not least, Ally suffers reading my shit, so turnabout is fair play. So, here goes… WILLIAM GALAINI READS ROMANCE! I hope the huge, echoey voice wasn’t overkill. Anyhow, my closest foray into romance would Read More

02 Mar 2015

How to Speak Editor: a Fluency Guide

As writers, we understand that editors are vital. We need them–often three of them–to help our novel reach the level of quality our readership demands of us. Once our written work is weighed, reviewed, and digested by an editor’s analytical mind, our craft is ready for a new plateau. But the brilliant breed of humans known as “editors” are, at times, difficult to decipher. Their nomenclature is so beyond ours that their wisdom can be elusive, which is why I have produced this handy translation guide for use when your next round of edits shows up in your inbox. You can Read More

12 Jan 2015

The Worst Editor in the World

Last post, I promised to reveal the worst editor in the world. This editor will read over your work, give you completely unfounded feedback filled with anxiety of unhinged praise, they will miss tons of typos and opportunities, and in the end, this editor will do nothing for you. This awful editor is you. Yes, YOU. You should be ashamed of yourself, thinking you can edit your own work. First off, why in the world did you even consider making yourself your own editor? Are you saving money? Did you finish your first draft and wait ten years to brush up Read More

21 Dec 2014

Writings of a Writer

Greetings ladies, gentlemen, and those of us somewhere in between. I… am a writer. *waits for applause* *realizes applause ain’t gonna happen* *swallows sadness and moves on* My lovely and talented PR agent, one Ms. Ally Bishop, has instructed me to “blog.” I have never “blogged” before, and I am concerned regarding the nature of this new verb. This posting will be my first “blog,” and through this “venue,” I will discuss my mistakes and errors in regards to being not only a writer, but a self-published one at that. I also promise to stop using “quotations” because that appears Read More