01 Aug 2018

Sparks from a Cruel Grindstone

They come from the smoky depths of Hell’s pit. Remnants of the shattered Pious Legion, these hateful castoffs of Earth’s Roman Empire seek to conquer. Armed with maddening gas, Maximinus Thrax’s airships swarm the skies like vengeful locusts, reducing entire populations to ash.

For Boudica, the forgotten Queen of the Iceni, it is a familiar fate. Having failed against Nero on Earth, her civilization was wiped from history due to her backfired efforts of liberation.

As Thrax’s assault eliminates the peaceful enclaves of New Dis, what can the failed warrior queen do to protect her city, the innocent peoples within, and her beloved friends? Will Boudica shake off her anonymous refuge and crushing shame to face the Romans once more, or collapse into the dust of history once more?

Sequel to Trampling in the Land of Woe, this new novel picks up with Boudica where we left her. Explore the city of New Dis even further in yet another action/adventure set in the steampunk inferno of the afterlife!

Available August 17th!

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